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hope and healing with heart
SH - hope and healing with heart
Dear Reader,
Welcome to my home on the web. Please feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable.
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I love stories! Big-juicy historicals. Hair-raising adventures. Heart melting-romance. Books or movies, it doesn't matter. If you love stories too, you've come to the right place.

As an aspiring author I'll be sharing new of my journey to publication, articles on the craft of writing and throwing in some travel here and there. The truth is, this writing quest has taken longer than anticipated. Which has led me to dig deeper, analyze and figure out what worked and why. Like that type of conversation? C'mon... your invited to talk story with me.


Into the Shattered Night

Current work in progress.

November 1938

A Jewish American socialite's determined to liberate her cousins from Nazi Germany but must fight her new husband and a deadly system to make sure of her loved one’s survival.

An American Industrialist must travel to Nazi Germany to save his family’s factory and keep his workers from starving.

Bound together in a marriage of convenience, can the two opposites stay alive long enough to rescue those they hold dear?

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  • Into the Shattered Night is a 2021 Maggie Award Finalist!
    I'm thrilled to announce Into the Shattered Night is a 2021 Maggie Awards Finalist!
  • What Is A Story Question?
    What's the purpose of your book? To entertain…yes…but that’s the whole picture with a wide angle lens. Change your lens and you’ll see your character… now bring it in closer…ahh… that’s their goal, motivation and conflict – good. Now focus the lens just on the top left hand corner of your masterpiece. Moving it down, … Read more
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