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Award Winning

Sia Huff

hope and healing with heart
SH - hope and healing with heart
Dear Reader,
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NaNo Winner

In October I was challenged to NaNoWriMo by a fellow writer. I understood sticking my toe in the shallow end of the pool wasn’t getting me anywhere fast, so I made a big splash in the deep end. It was either sink or swim. I’m happy to say, I swam. Hard.

For thirty days, nothing but writing with stopping to eat and sleep. Actually, it ended up being twenty-four days. I reached the 50,000-word finish line six days early, averaging over 2,000 words a day. What a fantastic high.

The reason for my NaNo success – I prepared. October was chocked full of figuring out turning points, plot lines and character arcs. Add a food plan, cooking and freezing a month of meals. Plus cleaning the house. Far from my normal way of life, but doable. And it cleared the distractions.

Now it’s back to reality. Trying to find a balance in life. Still, I’m glad I participated in NaNo. It taught me about myself and pushing past my self-imposed limits. I’m still working on my first draft, hoping to complete this manuscript by the end of the year. Then, look out revisions and edits.

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