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Sia Huff

hope and healing with heart
SH - hope and healing with heart
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Into the Shattered Night

Finalist: The Maggie Award of Excellence - 2021

November 1938 - Europe is on the brink of war. Reluctant strangers agree to a marriage of convenience as cover to traveling into Nazi Germany.

Agnes Carmichael, a sophisticated Philadelphia socialite is determined to risk everything to liberate her cousins from Hitler's hold, including marrying a roughneck.

Joseph Klein, a steadfast Pittsburgh steel man, is desperate to save his workers from the bread line, even if he's forced into a fake marriage.

Confronted with impossible choices, can the couple stay alive long enough to help loved ones survive?

The Greek Tycoon’s Mistress

Winner: Maggie Award of Excellence

Finalist: Golden Heart

Finalist: Romance Writers of America Golden Heart®

Torn between avenging his father’s death and the love of his enemy’s mistress, a Greek tycoon must choose which desire will fulfill his heart.

Melina Koustas had built a fortress around her heart. Never again would she be used and discarded by another domineering Greek man, only to be left heartbroken and miserable. But she’ll do anything to save her beloved Pappas – even if it means sacrificing all – including her heart – to his enemy.

She was supposed to be another tool in Alex Stephenous’ plan to hurt and destroy the man who killed his father. A cruel seduction, then abandonment of his enemy’s “mistress” to fulfill Alex’s need for revenge. But after three months with Melina, his needs become greater than simple retaliation…

Will he take everything for himself – or will they give to each other the healing love that can restore all?

The Secret Baby Wish

Finalist: The Maggie Award of Excellence, The Wallflower, Put Your Heart in a Book

Samantha Perry wants a baby the old fashioned way – impossible since she’s still a virgin and running out of time. The thought of losing her virginity to a clinical procedure leaves her cold, so she asks Daniel Reilly – the man she’s loved from afar for years – to become her first lover.

Divorced and haunted by past mistakes, Daniel Reilly has no plans of repeating them with his best friend’s little sister. But he can’t say no…

One night won’t be enough to convince Samantha that he’s not the man for her, so he renegotiates for an tropical get away, hoping their attraction will burn out fast. But will one passionate weekend burn out completely? Or will it lead to a lifetime of love?

The Tycoon’s Hawaiian Temptation

One piece of Hawaiian real estate…two opposing goals.

A piece of Hawaiian paradise is the perfect place for Stanton Perry Innovations to develop into a luxury resort  –  and release Reese Stanton from a vow he made in anger years ago.

But Plumeria is also the family ancestral land of Reece’s tree hugging executive assistant Kali Williams. Her environmental conscience has made her a respected and highly-valued member of the Stanton Perry team, one he can’t do without.

Mutual desire overcomes corporate ambitions and business becomes personal for Reece and Kali, as each tries to convince the other of the merits of their plan. When a third party comes in to steal Plumeria from under them, can they work together to save the land and their budding relationship? Can Plumeria be paradise for both of them?

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